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Assistant to the Organic Synthesis Researcher
Assistant to the Organic Synthesis Researcher 日期:2021-10-27

Job Title: Assistant to the Organic Synthesis ResearcherRecruitment number: 5-10 peopleMonthly salary range: RMB 5,500-12,000 yuanposition statement:1, is more skilled in completing chemical reactions, and can analyze some reaction results, and complete simple research projects independently;2...

Testing supervisor
Testing supervisor 日期:2021-10-27

Job Name: Test SupervisorRecruitment Number: 1Monthly salary range: 6,500-15,000 yuanJob responsibilities: the development of analysis methodsRecruitment requirements:1, Bachelor degree or above, pharmacy and chemistry and other related majors, more than 5 years of working experience in testing tech...

Approval manager
Approval manager 日期:2021-10-27

Job salary scope: 20-40 K (annual salary) Responsibilities: 1. Mainly engaged in domestic registration and international registration of drugs, medical devices and other industries, According to the relevant requirements, To organize, write, and translate the registration materials, And the registra...